Nitty in the Cities

Nitty’s back in the gritty, workin’ cities on her off duties, just for you and your fine tunies, so fine tune-it, your playlist that is and add this fine ass track to it.

Her latest video out ‘Planes, Trains & Automobiles’ kicks the shitty rap nostalgia from radio bullcrap lingering in my mind and takes me back to a place where rhymes dine on beats. Not where beats dine on rhymes. Trust me I appreciate a fuckin’ beat. But there’s gotta be equal power – the fresh ass beat AND complimentary lyricism – somethin’ which is hard to hear in so-called ‘hip hop’ these days. Hip Hop is a way of life, a philosophy, a world view… not something you shit on.

The video shoots her travelling around London and Oslo, with cute little snippets of her chillin’, icing that tooth, sleepily cursin’ and being Nitty in the big cities.

So thank you, once again Nitty Scott MC., doctor of the emcee philosophy.

Nitty rock rockin' it

Burn that doobie and turn on your listening ears.

Yours confidently,

Music Ingrnts.


MA Doom in the spot

For all the Heads reading this, y’all probably know the sweetness MA Doom brings oooooh weeeee….

Legendary to Hip Hop, Masta Ace & MF Doom combine expertise to bring the world their album ‘Son of Yvonne’, available for purchase July 17th, 2012. Now you got no excuse, this is a heads up, go to the damn store or online, or however kids these days get music. Spend your money on an album worth paying for, its got sounds of a classic album.

Myyy goodness….my oh my oh my.. this collaboration always moves with smoothness, but they’ve finally now produced ripe fruit for the masses.

Hand me that juicer, I’m ready to drink.

Siya – Elevator Dreams ft. Mums

You heard of Siya??

Her voice commands me to search for meaning among her words, and I am unable to turn my attention elsewhere. She rocks this beat so damn well, I had to listen to it three times in a row the first time round…

Concerning the chorus (for all you music snobs like me out there):
I dislike overuse of auto-tune with a passion, however this song demonstrates how it can be tastefully done. If that’s possible with auto-tune…

I know I haven’t posted in a while, shame on me my beautiful people!! My unrelenting exam schedule has ceased for the time being, so I shall post as much dope ass music, videos, websites, and other random crazy ish so stay tuned my friends.

And spread your wings! We have this amazing website, you-to-da-tube uh uh yea it’s that easy, but don’t forget to FILTER. Separate the bad shit from the good, you don’t wanna expose your ears to mainstream-modified music all the time, scientifically tested… your brains will rot people. I know, didn’t come as a surprise to me either.

Music snob ramble ramble.. but I know you like it. Post any comments or questions you got about Siya, Hip Hop, or those rotting brain experiments.

Yours Truly,

Music Ingrdts.