Spirit Face

It happens without me even needing to think or try. When I interact with people, particularly when I first meet someone, I do this thing that comes automatically. I think most of us do it without even realizing actually and it has everything to do with energy. What I do is I look past their human face & try to gain insight into their ‘spirit face’. It’s going to be difficult to explain this and I may sound like a crazy person doing that, so bear with me. It’s not something that occurs with thought, though it seems to appear with light and feeling (energy). As soon as my brain registers a person’s facial features I take a ‘dive’ into a realm past the physical. The only way I can describe it is a visceral need to see past their mask for a glimpse into the real self. I get visualizations of light beaming from behind their face, making features more radiant. This realm I’ll call The Light. Here is where I find a few slivers (and sometimes a whole beam) of light, or rather their true self. How do I know it’s their true self? I guess I don’t really. However, my intuition tells me otherwise: feel love emanating from them instantly, and this is then where the element of feeling chimes in.

It isn’t the same with everyone. It depends on how high someone’s defenses are. If they are on guard it might take a bit more time, and I may not have the chance. However I find more than often I can, because when I approach people with that intention at heart people can feel it. And this all happens within a matter of seconds. It was only now, by breaking it down, that I realized what was happening. Connecting with people like this is the most satisfying and sustainable experience, because when they do show you a glimmer of their true self, you are encouraging both the evolution of their consciousness and yours. Look for love and you’ll find it.

Yours Unconditionally,

Music Ingrnts.


Lifetimes Ago

The breeze feathers my elbows as I grasp onto him tightly,

His fur feels warm against my wind grazed cheeks.

As I look out among the new landscape,

It occurs to me I have yet to find a proper supply of food.

Snowy peaks blur the horizon,

And nightfall bows gently, glowing a musky blue.


His whines signal a need for fuel,

And rest, water perhaps?

My groggy mind fuses ideas together,

Suffocating my need to continue to clutch onto his warmth.

As soon as I let him go he bolts,

Racing past my crouched knee nearly knocking me over,

He often journeys, since living off the grid I’d say around twenty times.

A fear arises each and every time.

Is this the last I’ll see of him? Feel of his companionship and safety?

Will I someday have to brave the blurry peaks and windswept lands alone?

Somewhere in the distance I hear a howl,

My lips part into a smile and I howl back.