Soaking in the warm tub of memories,

Bubbles, and
the movie clips.

The ones that impress true emotion:

Valleys of lush wisdom,

Mountains of hazed cartoons,

Not the TV, there was no TV.

Us, me, we were exploring the tall grass,

Meandering, inspecting bright stones and lingering bugs.

Air warmed by the sun filling lungs bringing fresh outlooks,

Hooked on outbursts of surrounding beings,

Freeing, inwardly receiving my life unit.

Output depending on my clockwork,

Do I know what time it is?

I think I do, but I don’t want to worry about that anymore.


When you are in the tidal wave,

You can’t see it for what it is.

Instead, it is a rush of curling motion,

Sweeping your head sideways,

Scooping your body.

You feel it, you don’t see it,

A cartwheeling blur,

Some heavy weight launching you endlessly.

There is a sense of being lost,


A dizziness from the flurry of bubbles perhaps,

Look how present you are being under such a circumstance!

Smiling inward, you sting of motivation and feeling,

A surge of reorientation takes lead.

Hands whip out at either side,

And legs follow lead to find sand solid soles.

Once you were lost, but now you are found,

And lost you will probably find again.

Underneath the sand you see the glimmer,

A bottle containing a script of paper:

“A happy home awaits your return,

You created it when you chose self over harm,

A key to unlocking your limitless world,

You are free to explore the expanse of your soul.”




Homeward Bound

I feel uprooted,

Although it isn’t a foreign feeling.

I’ve tasted the unknown plenty,

And ever so gently absorbed its meaning.

The seemingly single source of solitude stiffens your jaw,

But I must tell you to unthaw,

Spread roots to inner most thoughts.

They’ll dance over you like a trickling stream,

They’ll cling to you like sticky whipped cream,

They’ll mingle with you, soft yet supreme.

When the mind lets go of worries untold,

Of juries in control,

Of furies blizzard cold,

Peace sets in. maxresdefault

The expanding orange mist glides over the pink dusk,

Sparkling with each brushstroke of lust.

Sensations of all kinds enter my realm,

And let them in I must.

This was always my home,

But now I am aware of it.

This was always my home,

But now I am conscious of it.



My Issues With Love, F*ck!

Sometimes I notice that I don’t know how to love.

It’s so prevalent,

it sticks to me like the summer air.

I have so much to give,

yet it stands as a frozen brick in my heart.

It is not cold, however.

It’s frozen in time.

It is me and I’m young,

quite small really.

I can feel the openness I’ve left behind,

so electric some even stayed with me. 1661223_10154427224043868_8814852289779453292_n

Now I am here,

the sweetness of love has sprinkled my lips,

yet I feel his earthiness as warm and repulsive.

What things have I not unearthed within myself to feel such repulsion of such a beauty?

Or is it a matter of instinct?

Tell me why I must feel such conflictions!

Ah…. but I know, the answer is simple.

I was raised by a love that was ever so conditioned.