Soaking in the warm tub of memories,

Bubbles, and
the movie clips.

The ones that impress true emotion:

Valleys of lush wisdom,

Mountains of hazed cartoons,

Not the TV, there was no TV.

Us, me, we were exploring the tall grass,

Meandering, inspecting bright stones and lingering bugs.

Air warmed by the sun filling lungs bringing fresh outlooks,

Hooked on outbursts of surrounding beings,

Freeing, inwardly receiving my life unit.

Output depending on my clockwork,

Do I know what time it is?

I think I do, but I don’t want to worry about that anymore.


The Embrace

I keep trying to resist,

I keep trying to hold the pieces together.

Each one carelessly glued on,

How am I supposed to attend to them all?

I’ve been riding the train of optimism for far too long,

And my body can feel it.

It needs a break from feeling whole,

It needs a rest from being strong,

But I’m holding on for dear life.

A fear so familiar it tastes like me,

A fear so insidious it’s been there all along,

Underlining my movements,

Magnifying my judgments.

It is not until I tune into the waves and nuances that I finally find compassion,

A meeting of love and pain,

A uniting of loss and empathy.

This is my home, this is my temple,

And I am here to listen to you, my dear.

My Biome

Swirling dust particles shimmer as they dance,

Flashing their smiles like an early summer dawn.

I reach my hand out to play with the minerals,

But as I come near they all dart aside.


I am surrounded by it, I am confounded by it,

I am flattened by the knowing,

Showing twenty-seven years of blue iris blossom from my windows.

Doesn’t it look breathtakingly beautiful?

I cleaned up just for you,

You should not see the filth, the black garbage bags.

They rot in my basement unless I get rid of them,

They stick to my baseboards and grow roots, as well.


Nowadays, those streams don’t rapidly run elsewhere.il_340x270.537856439_jr13

Instead they glimmer softly, paddling on,

Drifting inwards, swiftly falling.

Life gravitating toward life,

That is what the air echoed,

That is what the soil planted.

That is what the trees breathed.