Turkey Green Bean Peanut Butter Stirfry


Take a good look at those crisp green onions tumbling over a mountain of steamed green beans and garlic infused turkey *insert inappropriate groans here*

Imagine wafts of fragrant ginger tickling your nose,
riding the salty waves of fish sauce….

Not only that, but they are sauteed in a luxurious creamy peanut sauce…..

Well, WAKE UP MY FRIENDS! You can have this.

*insert halfhearted and slightly confused applause here*

What you’ll need:

3 tbsp olive oil
1-2 tsp fish sauce
2 tbsp soya sauce
2 tbsp creamy peanut butter (I use Adam’s)
1 tbsp brown sugar (feel free to use maple syrup or honey too)
2 tsp lime juice
half a head of garlic, minced
2 tsp ginger, minced
2 green chilies, cut in half lengthwise
1 onion, diced
1 lb ground turkey thigh
1 lb steamed green beans (I like mine crisp, so I don’t steam them too long)
2-3 stalks of green onion chopped, garnish


  1. Combine soya sauce, peanut butter, brown sugar and lime juice in a small bowl and mix. Put aside.
  2. Heat olive oil in a wok on medium-high, add your fish sauce and let it quickly cook with the oil. Shortly after add your onions, make sure your wok is hot enough so that when you add the onions there is a big sizzle. Just don’t burn yourself!! *insert howls from the pain here* Stir fry those babies!
  3. After the onions have fried a bit, add the garlic, ginger and chilies. Stir, fry, stir, fry, yummmmmmmmmm. Let these ingredients really infuse the oil. NO BURN.
  4. Next add the minced turkey. Pierce that darn ol’ meat brick with your spoon, soldier. Pierce until it’s shredded into tiny helpless pieces and marching to your command *insert maniacal laugh here* Cook meat until browned.
  5. Make some space in the wok and add the peanut butter/soya sauce/sugar/lime mix that was put aside earlier. Stir it against the bottom so that it cooks, then coat everything in it. Lather that meat and those onions baby! Things were already smelling delicious, but now they’re on another level. A PEANUT BUTTER LEVEL. *insert crickets here*
  6. Last, but not least, add the steamed green beans and toss to mix. Garnish with green onions and voila! You can have this on rice, quinoa, noodles, however you like! How happy are you.Let’s take one more look at this divine creation:
    UGHHHH TAKE ME NOW GREEN BEANS *insert dramatic faint here*

    Any obvious ingredients/directions I missed please let me know, or if you have any questions/suggestions feel free to comment below. I bid your belly a good day!

    Yours foodly,

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My Chana Masala (with lame inserts)


Yes, my friends…you have entered food heaven. Just look at those chickpeas…creamy, spice-oozing balls of lusciousness just waiting to be devoured *insert erotic novel here*

I have had so many requests for my chana masala recipe, so I am here to fulfill those dreams! I would say my recipe is a mishmash of the East African curries I grew up eating and the Punjabi food I’ve become obsessed with living in Surrey, BC *insert Surrey jokes here*. Alright, on with it.

What you’ll need:

4 tbsp olive oil

1 tsp salt (may need more at the end)

4 cups of water (plus some at the beginning when cooking masala base)

2 tsp tomato paste

1 large onion diced

1 large tomato diced

1 large bunch of cilantro roughly chopped

2-3 green chilies cut in half lengthwise 

half-1 whole head of garlic finely diced (the more, the better really)

1-2 tbsp ginger diced (a good garlic-ginger ratio is 3:1)

1.15-ounce (or 2 cups) can of chickpeas, rinsed well

Spices: 2-3 tsp curry powder, 1 tsp cumin, 3-4 tsp turmeric, 1 tbsp garam masala


  1. Heat olive oil in a large pot over medium-high, then add onions. Cook onions well until translucent, then add salt, garlic, ginger, green chilies and 1/3 of the chopped cilantro, stir well so that all is coated with oil. It is key from this stage on to make sure nothing burns. If necessary, add a bit of water to help this from happening. Keep cooking mixture down. Give the onions time to turn a bit golden brown.
  2. Add curry powder, cumin, & turmeric to the pot. Make sure your spices do not burn. I find taking the pot off the element quickly (or turning the heat down to medium) while adding the spices prevents this from happening. Transfer the pot back to the element and stir the spices into the mixture. You will now notice that your mixture is quite dry from all the spices. Here you will add some water and scrape the spices off the bottom of the pot, stir so that the spices are coating everything. Let the spices and onion mixture cook down, stirring frequently to prevent burning. Keep cooking until your mixture looks a browny yellow (you’ll notice the onions have nearly melted into the mixture). I cooked mine down for a good 20-25 minutes. I know, very laborious, but totally worth it! Keep going, you can do it! *insert inspiration here*
  3. Next, make some space in the pot with your wooden spoon and drop the tomato paste in, stirring it against the bottom so that it cooks a bit (it should start turning slightly brown). Mix it together with everything. Let that cook a bit. Then add your diced tomato. Now that all of your masala base ingredients are in, this is the part where you MUST let the mixture cook down while stirring regularly. Water is your best friend at this point, KEEP LUBRICATING, OKAY?! *insert crass jokes about dry sex here* I cooked mine for nearly an hour before adding chickpeas in. A good way to tell is to hover your nose over the pot and if you smell raw tomato, it is far from done. You need to cook those tomatoes down until there aren’t any sign of them, and their wee skins crumple up into little spikes of revenge. *insert GoT reference here*Here is what this process looks like (top: step 1-2 bottom: step 3 and what your masala base should look like when it’s ready):
    13312900_10100558280664096_3463045525011343051_nWith this masala base, you are basically a curry superhero. You can make anything from zucchini potato curry to minced beef and peas! *insert orgasmic moans here*
  4. Last, but not least, once your masala base is good to go, add those rinsed chickpeas in and stir them into the masala. Coat those bitches! Add the 4 cups of water, bring to a boil, then semi-cover, leaving a bit open, and simmer for 1.5-2 hours (depending on how creamy and soft you want them. I love mine soft so I cooked them for 2.5 hours, yaaaaaaaas I’m fantastic), stirring intermittently. Near the end add garam masala and stir in. Garnish with the rest of the cilantro and *insert Italian food appreciation kiss thing* you are finished!

*Note: the spices I use do change depending on what I have in the house. If you have whole cumin seeds or mustard seeds, go ahead and toast either one of those in the oil at the very beginning before adding the onions. The spices you really do need are the curry powder, turmeric and garam masala.

The decadent result one more time….ogle at it. OGLE I SAY.


If I missed listing anything obvious in the ingredients or directions let me know, or if you have any questions/suggestions, comment below! Now off you go and cook this!

Yours foodly,

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Muggy like Mumbai

Muggy like Mumbai

It was noon and my ass was still sleeping. I’d been up late eagerly writing my first post for your amusement.

Suddenly, he came charging into my apartment with energy dripping off him, ecstatic from just having been outside playing ball.

Baby.. You wouldn’t believe how hot it is outside, it’s muggy like Mumbai!“, he exclaimed whilst collapsing on the couch in a heap of hot and sweaty frenzy.

Well I’ll be damned… my man is right, summer has arrived

Disguised in lingering sticky humidity that wraps around exposed flesh like a tensor bandage, maybe. But it has arrived nonetheless and I shall respond with appreciation: 

Waffles drenched in real maple syrup….followed by multiple games of NBA 2K11.

I’m a hot weather mami who needs her dose of sunshine not some bummy mugginess. So I’m on strike in the meantime, playing hermit and baking lots of goodies.

If you share my bitterness and remain locked in your underground apocalypse shelter, here are some ideas on how you can pass the time. Oh wait, you’re reading it.

Today’s Burn & Listen: GZA ‘Cold World’

Yours truly,

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Baked chicken, yams, bong tokes & the Doppelgangaz

What can I say.

I am up at 3 in the AM thinking about the choices I made today. Mostly the choices I made in the evening, producing results blessed in pleasures of crowded dinner plates and overflowing bongs that left aromas of oven baked goodness in either sense.

The commencement of my medicinal ritual must always be accompanied by music. Now who knows what y’all just rushed off to play… maybe some Lady Gaga, or Wiz Khalifa (can I slap yo ass?). But please, my people, reconsider.

I’m not telling you to reconsider your taste in music, or whether you actually have the ability to assess what good music is even though you can’t keep a beat.. No, no. I am just asking listeners to step outta their comfort zone every now and then. It’s healthy listening, just like healthy living – a soulful treatment.

Quit listening to radio crapola! I rarely turn it on but when I do it’s the same recycled shit playing over and over. Try to understand that this generic new sound is churning your brain to cheddah, yah.

Good music is easy to find, google that shit! And of course keep checking my blog, cuz you know you find that lovin’ here.

Today’s Burn & Listen:  the Doppelgangaz ‘Who Am I’

Yours truly,

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