My Biome

Swirling dust particles shimmer as they dance,

Flashing their smiles like an early summer dawn.

I reach my hand out to play with the minerals,

But as I come near they all dart aside.


I am surrounded by it, I am confounded by it,

I am flattened by the knowing,

Showing twenty-seven years of blue iris blossom from my windows.

Doesn’t it look breathtakingly beautiful?

I cleaned up just for you,

You should not see the filth, the black garbage bags.

They rot in my basement unless I get rid of them,

They stick to my baseboards and grow roots, as well.


Nowadays, those streams don’t rapidly run elsewhere.il_340x270.537856439_jr13

Instead they glimmer softly, paddling on,

Drifting inwards, swiftly falling.

Life gravitating toward life,

That is what the air echoed,

That is what the soil planted.

That is what the trees breathed.


Late Night Snack

Instead of a late night munchy sesh I decided to communicate.

Communicate the complexities of being a highly sensitive introvert. Or not.

It can’t be easy being me. But that’s what everyone thinks isn’t it? How dare we think these things that are so saturated in self pity, but how could we not? We tend to be naturally nurturing, caring and believing in those things that are good. Even if you deny it over and over. You are naturally good-natured. Society, your circumstances, experiences, bitter people….they taught you otherwise. I know you knew that anyways, inside. Even if you’ve never told anyone in your life but yourself.

At the end of the day, we are by ourselves. Kids are tucked in, husbands and wives are fast asleep, boyfriends are snoring loud as mufuckas…and then here we are. Wide awake, thinking. Reflecting. Reminding, remembering. Ahh…the sweetness of late night reminiscence. It is quite painful, so why take part in it? Why not just be okay with today, and how it went. Today may have not been so great. But it was still a day, and we lived it. We are here in our beds, and we completed today.

Yes, you’ve heard it over and over…live in the present, be in the NOW. How cliche. How about we just stick with being okay, even if we’re not. You are here, you are feeling a certain way. And that’s fucking O.K.


Spread the love and wisdom..

Yours truly,

Music Ingrnts.

Lucky gettin’ busy

Actually, Luckyiam of The Mystik Journeymen, Living Legends, The CMA, and The Underbosses  never stopped gettin’ busy.

Abstract in his approach to creating classic sounds of Hip Hop and open to the direction it takes him, Lucky gracefully does and says whatever the f*ck he wants without sounding crude and offensive. There is evidence of constant change and progression in every step of his music career and he fears not the lands and people that have yet to be exposed to underground styles. In 2004, Lucky was one of the 1st underground artists to ever perform in Peru, and has traveled the world to spread his artistic insight.

Luckyiam: An emcee of versatility and inclusion in this globalizing world with ever-expanding potentialities. So it didn’t come as a surprise when I found his new project, Luck&Lana – rappin’ with a white girl? 

Yes, yes, y’all. But this is no V nasty crappy, born into a musical household, Lana Shea displays primo vibes, groovin’ with a natural funk. And she gets it, without the wannabe-esque fatalities that usually linger in ‘white girl’ lyricism.

So drop the race restraints and start listening.

Yours progressively,

Music Ingrnts.

Baked chicken, yams, bong tokes & the Doppelgangaz

What can I say.

I am up at 3 in the AM thinking about the choices I made today. Mostly the choices I made in the evening, producing results blessed in pleasures of crowded dinner plates and overflowing bongs that left aromas of oven baked goodness in either sense.

The commencement of my medicinal ritual must always be accompanied by music. Now who knows what y’all just rushed off to play… maybe some Lady Gaga, or Wiz Khalifa (can I slap yo ass?). But please, my people, reconsider.

I’m not telling you to reconsider your taste in music, or whether you actually have the ability to assess what good music is even though you can’t keep a beat.. No, no. I am just asking listeners to step outta their comfort zone every now and then. It’s healthy listening, just like healthy living – a soulful treatment.

Quit listening to radio crapola! I rarely turn it on but when I do it’s the same recycled shit playing over and over. Try to understand that this generic new sound is churning your brain to cheddah, yah.

Good music is easy to find, google that shit! And of course keep checking my blog, cuz you know you find that lovin’ here.

Today’s Burn & Listen:  the Doppelgangaz ‘Who Am I’

Yours truly,

Music Ingrdts.