Sharing my lived experience: food, insight, music, anything that sparks my mind.

This blog started out as a music review page, however, things in my life took a turn and I have found myself oozing with poetic creativity. I do still make music, I rap and sing, and you are more than welcome to have a peek (refer to “My Sounds”). I record with my good friend, Calvin, who is so much fun to make music with!

As I mentioned though, most recently, I have begun confronting and healing from some heavy childhood trauma and have found writing poetry to be the most soothing coping tool. Free verse is my specialty; it is like swimming through out an endless white canvas on which I can paint whatever colour I please. Finding freedom and happiness within myself is of utmost importance…and I am so excited to see where my healing brings me next. I hope it resonates with whomever finds themselves at my page; maybe feeling wounded, undeserving, worthless, battered, or any kind of trigger that may be occurring. I am here to validate your experience. You are meaningful in every way. Journey with me if you feel like it!




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