When you are in the tidal wave,

You can’t see it for what it is.

Instead, it is a rush of curling motion,

Sweeping your head sideways,

Scooping your body.

You feel it, you don’t see it,

A cartwheeling blur,

Some heavy weight launching you endlessly.

There is a sense of being lost,


A dizziness from the flurry of bubbles perhaps,

Look how present you are being under such a circumstance!

Smiling inward, you sting of motivation and feeling,

A surge of reorientation takes lead.

Hands whip out at either side,

And legs follow lead to find sand solid soles.

Once you were lost, but now you are found,

And lost you will probably find again.

Underneath the sand you see the glimmer,

A bottle containing a script of paper:

“A happy home awaits your return,

You created it when you chose self over harm,

A key to unlocking your limitless world,

You are free to explore the expanse of your soul.”





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