Lifetimes Ago

The breeze feathers my elbows as I grasp onto him tightly,

His fur feels warm against my wind grazed cheeks.

As I look out among the new landscape,

It occurs to me I have yet to find a proper supply of food.

Snowy peaks blur the horizon,

And nightfall bows gently, glowing a musky blue.


His whines signal a need for fuel,

And rest, water perhaps?

My groggy mind fuses ideas together,

Suffocating my need to continue to clutch onto his warmth.

As soon as I let him go he bolts,

Racing past my crouched knee nearly knocking me over,

He often journeys, since living off the grid I’d say around twenty times.

A fear arises each and every time.

Is this the last I’ll see of him? Feel of his companionship and safety?

Will I someday have to brave the blurry peaks and windswept lands alone?

Somewhere in the distance I hear a howl,

My lips part into a smile and I howl back.


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