Satin ribbons caress my hips,

Lacing my thighs,

Wrapping around my calves and spiraling into existence.

A pulsating velvet glow expands through out my chest,

Is it best to unstitch and show you the source?

Perhaps not.

Perhaps I shall walk into the horizon and blend into a thousand rays of sunlight.

I want to spread my wings and glide with the world winds,

They whirlwind through a fabric of solar systems,

Shimmering layers of wisdom onto the Earth,

Awakening eyes to the mirror in the sky.

I will dip my toes into the pond of perishment,

Until I am no more and no more is all there is to be.

Sandpaper lips take flight and crack into a smile.

Being will craddle me back into existence,

Where I’ll always be.

The loving unity of my infinity,

Strongly whispers what I already knew lifetimes ago.


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