The Misrepresentation of Women in Hip Hop [Acapella]

I am super proud of this acapella verse I spat over the weekend on female artists in the Hip Hop industry, not just today, but throughout history.

One of my goals as an artist is to expand my own creativity in the hopes of exploring new perspectives, and in turn, inspiring others to look within.

Women in general have struggled for equality, but within Hip Hop itself, female artists have also struggled to have a voice; our basic right of receiving credit for the art we make is STILL being challenged and suppressed. We must unite, not just with each other, but with the spectrum of identities existing among the human race. It’s not women against men, or men against women, it’s people for people.

People for people.

And that’s what this track represents: The Misrepresentation of Women in Hip Hop (click here to go to the acapella)

Musically yours,


Hy-Fi (aka. Music Ingrdts.)


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