My Issues With Love, F*ck!

Sometimes I notice that I don’t know how to love.

It’s so prevalent,

it sticks to me like the summer air.

I have so much to give,

yet it stands as a frozen brick in my heart.

It is not cold, however.

It’s frozen in time.

It is me and I’m young,

quite small really.

I can feel the openness I’ve left behind,

so electric some even stayed with me. 1661223_10154427224043868_8814852289779453292_n

Now I am here,

the sweetness of love has sprinkled my lips,

yet I feel his earthiness as warm and repulsive.

What things have I not unearthed within myself to feel such repulsion of such a beauty?

Or is it a matter of instinct?

Tell me why I must feel such conflictions!

Ah…. but I know, the answer is simple.

I was raised by a love that was ever so conditioned.


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