The Looking Glass

Looking inwards I see a bulb of liquid,

it moves and jiggles yet stands still.

It isn’t like a movie in how it plays, download

but it is a story nevertheless, a twisted one.

It is the perspective of my abusers,

those who took my canvas and painted it in a slant.

Everything in this glassy haze is twisted and deformed,

barely completing one another in form.

It is quite unusual to be on this side,

the outside.

It has been a journey,

one of conditioning and one of glory.


the slanted glass is not my mirror,

I am my own soul reflection,

projecting pent up redemption.

I am my own soul redemption,

projecting pent up reflection.



My Issues With Love, F*ck!

Sometimes I notice that I don’t know how to love.

It’s so prevalent,

it sticks to me like the summer air.

I have so much to give,

yet it stands as a frozen brick in my heart.

It is not cold, however.

It’s frozen in time.

It is me and I’m young,

quite small really.

I can feel the openness I’ve left behind,

so electric some even stayed with me. 1661223_10154427224043868_8814852289779453292_n

Now I am here,

the sweetness of love has sprinkled my lips,

yet I feel his earthiness as warm and repulsive.

What things have I not unearthed within myself to feel such repulsion of such a beauty?

Or is it a matter of instinct?

Tell me why I must feel such conflictions!

Ah…. but I know, the answer is simple.

I was raised by a love that was ever so conditioned.

Siblings in Sorrow

There’s a fuzziness that surrounds him I can’t describe.

It makes me feel nostalgic,

As if I’ve missed something he already was.

How are we so in sync,

Yet still so distant in our paths?

A brother oh so loving,

He’d fight wars to uncage me.

Earliest to fly I saw his wings flutter,

Freedom sprung from them as mine began to clutter.

He inspired, I began to comprehend what had happened,

Suddenly I was also flying free from the prison. 27530.original-4303.jpg

Now I sail solo synchronizing my strengths,

But I peer next door to my brother’s eyes I’m entrenched.

A love born from sorrow, such no one could ever imagine,

I don’t expect you to understand such a contraption.


You stood at the sidelines watching me play,

Silently cheering me on.

You stood at the sidelines watching me fight,

Silently pushing her on.

You are such a dichotomy,

Staring at me blankly, a familiar bittersweet harmony.

Sad eyes mixed with bad lies,

I despise every second you betrayed me.

As my only source of reality the child in me knows bribery,

Those sad eyes are a part of me,

Ingenious in your treachery.

So withered and so tired,

Those eyes of yours endorsed abuse,

Told her truths, yet told no truth.

It was my heart so far apart from your cathartic start,

I am a being of true meaning,

While you’re a slave to her dungeons of dark art.

Pro Era Expansion

Their sound lifts me up, creates space in my cluttered mind – And I’ve been on them for a minute now, but recently I’ve been especially obsessed.

I spend ~3 hrs taking transit/day during the work week, so like a lotta people I cover my ears with speakers and bump some good feels. Lately, it’s been all about Pro Era.


From Brooklyn, New York, these guys make Hip Hop that somehow suavely braids old with the new – with class, with ease, with a natural vibe & respect in their artistry. Their sound pays homage, while also bringing you something completely different. The group consists of Joey Bada$$, CJ Fly, Nyck Caution, Kirk Knight, Dessy Hinds, Dirty Sanchez, Capital STEEZ (formerly, RIP) and a few others – a nuclear combination.

Favourite mixtape: P.E.E.P: The aPROcalypse (2012)

Favourite track: “Sorry Bonita” – Joey Bada$$ ft. Pro Era (2013 – off ‘Summer Knights’)

Burn & Listen Y’all, it’s been a while:

Sorry Bonita – Joey Bada$$ ft. Pro Era

Yours Musically,

Music Ingrnts.