Don’t Stack, Abstract!

Some things pile up neatly. No remnants, no malfunctions, just simple stacking, a procedure we are all familiar with I’m sure. You stack chairs, containers, clothes (though there may be a few malfunctions in that process I’m afraid) & even possibly drink coasters – if you’re the anal type. How fabulously neat and ordered does it all look after!

Mmmm who doesn’t like stacked cookies

As long as it isn’t stacking bricks, I’m all for it.

Stop the brick kilns for goodness sake

Now why can’t life stack accordingly? Or maybe that’s why it shouldn’t – it is not as simple as that. They tried holding intelligence hostage in the same manner. If there was a miracle for every scientist that claimed they could measure “true” intelligence, well, we’d be on 34th street.

Awww, but not how she’s looking at him. #devilchild

So what is all this rambling for?


A reminder: stop stacking and start abstracting!

Lesson #1 in Abstracting: put your hands in your pants in public and see what the reactions are!

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