So hard to change

So hard to change.

But it feels better on the other side.

Or so they say. You flow through life trying to grow, or maybe you stay static. It’s up to us and we have every right to make meaning of life. That is our ultimate human choice. No one can infiltrate our minds……not yet at least.

Growing up I was always told how to feel and if I felt otherwise I’d act incredibly guilty. It was tragic really. I’ve been learning how to undo those conditioned behaviors and relearn to be me authentically.

I’ve never had so much fun in my life! It feels intoxicating to give in to all my natural impulses. I might be going a bit extreme in my opposition at the moment, but I’ll be open about my subjectivity. I’m so fucking subjective right now it’s not even funny.

Don’t fuck with my subjectivity


Why does this make my anecdote less valid? Everything we’ve been taught is full of complete truths and complete crap. So what I’m sharing with you is everything of both. It’s up to us to differentiate what these are. It’s up to you to take what you relate with.

Lately I’ve felt myself open up to some deep introspection. Never before have I been so connected to what I desire; and unashamed for it. Self-reflexivity has always been a part of my daily life, but today is different. Always moving, gotta keep it moving.

Yours finally,

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