Late Night Snack

Instead of a late night munchy sesh I decided to communicate.

Communicate the complexities of being a highly sensitive introvert. Or not.

It can’t be easy being me. But that’s what everyone thinks isn’t it? How dare we think these things that are so saturated in self pity, but how could we not? We tend to be naturally nurturing, caring and believing in those things that are good. Even if you deny it over and over. You are naturally good-natured. Society, your circumstances, experiences, bitter people….they taught you otherwise. I know you knew that anyways, inside. Even if you’ve never told anyone in your life but yourself.

At the end of the day, we are by ourselves. Kids are tucked in, husbands and wives are fast asleep, boyfriends are snoring loud as mufuckas…and then here we are. Wide awake, thinking. Reflecting. Reminding, remembering. Ahh…the sweetness of late night reminiscence. It is quite painful, so why take part in it? Why not just be okay with today, and how it went. Today may have not been so great. But it was still a day, and we lived it. We are here in our beds, and we completed today.

Yes, you’ve heard it over and over…live in the present, be in the NOW. How cliche. How about we just stick with being okay, even if we’re not. You are here, you are feeling a certain way. And that’s fucking O.K.


Spread the love and wisdom..

Yours truly,

Music Ingrnts.


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