I’ll Blitzen your Trapper

Lately my music buds have been craving a more nostalgic sound, those good old tunes that bring back wonderful yet bittersweet memories from your childhood. Classic rock, folk and [proper] country have always reminded me of my Pops, he had a soft spot for the Eagles, Gordon Lightfoot and John Denver. And my Uncle John also pops up in my mind, he lived on a farm in Ontario and always seemed to be riding a horse.

All of this visual scenery, all of these memories soaring back into my present focus have been reignited by Blitzen Trapper, a country folk band from Portland, Oregan. Their sound is so familiar and comforting, yet somehow remains unique and spontaneous in narrative delivery. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah.. but what do they SOUND like you ask? Some songs hit me and I’m like “LED ZEPPELIN!! Through in through..”, but then another Blizten track plays and I state confidently, “Naw man.. definitely Beatles-esque.. hear that Lennon tone???!”.These guys formed in 2000 and hit No. 98 on Rolling Stone’s list of 100 Best Songs of 2007. I’m gonna let the sound translate and you can decide for yourself what they remind you of, or if you think they are completely their own sound….

They definitely impressed and satisfied my music buds with their variety, country blues tone and talented lead vocals!!! Shit!! Just blaze & listen, even if you a Head… cuz I am too. Puff, puff, pass to this.

Yours truly,

Music Ingrnts.


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