Life Without Facebook Does Exist

A month ago.. I ended the madness. The chaos, the gossip, the creeping, the wondering, the over-thinking and the anxiety.

Challenge: Can you go a week without Facebook?

I hope this does not come as a surprise, but life does exist outside of the Facebook world. If it does, well then you are in some serious need of social media rehabilitation. That or treatment for mega photo creeping (may I kindly suggest a blind across your eyes?). This rehab…. this treatment… is not as difficult as one may think. Maybe because, alas, there is life outside of this god damn Facebook bubble that seems to suck even the most sensible people into cyberspace zombieland. Even a titty shake sometimes doesn’t wake em. If breasts can’t do it, who can?

So get that meticulous little finger of yours and drag the mouse up and exit Crackbook.

*Eyebrows raise*

You’re still not convinced it’ll make a difference in your life? Check it…

I have been without Facebook now for a month, and trust you me.. I was an avid Facebook user for years, since ’06.  This isn’t AA but if it was I know people would acknowledge this as a  real addiction problem.

What have been the benefits so far since quitting Facebook? A major difference I’ve noticed is a decrease in my anxiety and stress levels. I’m not having to worry about connecting and communicating with hundreds of people who are not even physically located nearby, I am focused on those I see in person in that present moment. Who knew so much anxiety could occur as a result of being responsible for all those ‘friends’ you have on Facebook!!!! What a disaster.

And if anxiety doesn’t seem to hit your system the way it does mine, how about all those hours lost to creeping, criticizing, mocking, and comparing others, sometimes even to yourself, which ends up being completely unrealistic and boring, not to mention extremely unattractive and dull. Stop being so self-absorbed!!!!! And for those who feel self-righteous, I have also screamed at myself for this and moved on.

Try life sans Facebook for one week. I promise you will realize how much of your energy is absorbed into social cyberspace, and then maybe you will trim the fat.

Trim that fat, you phat cat.

And if you’re a Facebook addict and decide to take on my challenge of a Facebookless life for one week, write a comment below giving your feedback.


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So Nasty

What is it about Nas that keeps us grounded throughout the 21st century? Despite all the beliebers (not capitalizing that shit cus it ain’t real), the hyped up yet dumb’d down lyrical content and silicon musical valleys upon which these catastrophes lay, how does Nasir Jones keep it real, literally? How has this MC, exploding in ’94 with his world renown album Illmatic, continued to grasp me and millions of other loyal listeners over the past  two decades? While other artists drift into consumer-driven, commercialized territories, losing the faith and respect of Heads all over the world?

These are an overwhelming # of important questions, but if you’ve always been a fan, you know EXACTLY why album Life Is Good, released in July this year, reflects the solid yet creative history of Nasty Nas. As a progressive artist with an old school palette, he somehow meshes together the two worlds of Old and New, leaving the listener salivating like a nostalgic eater. Am I crazy?? Or was that rhyme delicious enough to eat over and over again??

Nas.. you create necessary chaos within this possessed contemporary music industry. You keep me hopeful that one day, maybe just one day, a zombie apocalypse will unleash on today’s popular culture bubble, leaving behind only those fittest to survive….aka real artists.

I’m trying not to judge the leopard-print pants on that so-called “rapper” but it’s real fricking hard when processed rap is referred to as Hip Hop, GAAAHHHH!!! I could blab on and on..  those around me are frequently reminded of this viewpoint, to their great annoyance.

Life Is Good is packed with legendary files, don’t miss out!

Here’s one of my favorites: 

Yours truly,

Music Ingrnts.