Siya – Elevator Dreams ft. Mums

You heard of Siya??

Her voice commands me to search for meaning among her words, and I am unable to turn my attention elsewhere. She rocks this beat so damn well, I had to listen to it three times in a row the first time round…

Concerning the chorus (for all you music snobs like me out there):
I dislike overuse of auto-tune with a passion, however this song demonstrates how it can be tastefully done. If that’s possible with auto-tune…

I know I haven’t posted in a while, shame on me my beautiful people!! My unrelenting exam schedule has ceased for the time being, so I shall post as much dope ass music, videos, websites, and other random crazy ish so stay tuned my friends.

And spread your wings! We have this amazing website, you-to-da-tube uh uh yea it’s that easy, but don’t forget to FILTER. Separate the bad shit from the good, you don’t wanna expose your ears to mainstream-modified music all the time, scientifically tested… your brains will rot people. I know, didn’t come as a surprise to me either.

Music snob ramble ramble.. but I know you like it. Post any comments or questions you got about Siya (Siya on Facebook), Hip Hop, or those rotting brain experiments.

Yours Truly,

Music Ingrdts.


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