Nitty Gritty

She gon HOP right out at you with her zest. Just like my blog, she’s undeniably fresh.

Nitty Scott, MC, a young Michigan-born lyrical master doin’ her thang, unsigned. Unsigned people! She passionately refuses to let some big corporation control her sound. And that’s what she does, gettin’ to the nitty-gritty without any distracting egotistical bullshit.

Thank God for Nitty. This is honestly how I feel, I ain’t just using the saying.

As a female emcee, myself, it is horrendous watching the women that are representing lyrical rhythm in the so called “Hip Hop” of today (have you utube Kraeyshawn or V Nasty yet?? *shakes head in shame*). That is not Hip Hop. Nor will it ever be Hip Hop.

This…. this is Hip Hop right through to the bone. She ain’t trying, she’s just being.

Track: Nitty Scott, MC ‘Tell Somebody’

Nitty’s website: click for the Nitty

Take 4 minutes of your day and enhance your music palate.

Lemme  know what you think! Leave a comment, question or just enjoy the listen.

Yours truly,

Music Ingrdts.


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