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Muggy like Mumbai

Muggy like Mumbai

It was noon and my ass was still sleeping. I’d been up late eagerly writing my first post for your amusement.

Suddenly, he came charging into my apartment with energy dripping off him, ecstatic from just having been outside playing ball.

Baby.. You wouldn’t believe how hot it is outside, it’s muggy like Mumbai!“, he exclaimed whilst collapsing on the couch in a heap of hot and sweaty frenzy.

Well I’ll be damned… my man is right, summer has arrived

Disguised in lingering sticky humidity that wraps around exposed flesh like a tensor bandage, maybe. But it has arrived nonetheless and I shall respond with appreciation: 

Waffles drenched in real maple syrup….followed by multiple games of NBA 2K11.

I’m a hot weather mami who needs her dose of sunshine not some bummy mugginess. So I’m on strike in the meantime, playing hermit and baking lots of goodies.

If you share my bitterness and remain locked in your underground apocalypse shelter, here are some ideas on how you can pass the time. Oh wait, you’re reading it.

Today’s Burn & Listen: GZA ‘Cold World’

Yours truly,

Music Ingrdts.



Baked chicken, yams, bong tokes & the Doppelgangaz

What can I say.

I am up at 3 in the AM thinking about the choices I made today. Mostly the choices I made in the evening, producing results blessed in pleasures of crowded dinner plates and overflowing bongs that left aromas of oven baked goodness in either sense.

The commencement of my medicinal ritual must always be accompanied by music. Now who knows what y’all just rushed off to play… maybe some Lady Gaga, or Wiz Khalifa (can I slap yo ass?). But please, my people, reconsider.

I’m not telling you to reconsider your taste in music, or whether you actually have the ability to assess what good music is even though you can’t keep a beat.. No, no. I am just asking listeners to step outta their comfort zone every now and then. It’s healthy listening, just like healthy living – a soulful treatment.

Quit listening to radio crapola! I rarely turn it on but when I do it’s the same recycled shit playing over and over. Try to understand that this generic new sound is churning your brain to cheddah, yah.

Good music is easy to find, google that shit! And of course keep checking my blog, cuz you know you find that lovin’ here.

Today’s Burn & Listen:  the Doppelgangaz ‘Who Am I’

Yours truly,

Music Ingrdts.